Applications with Bio-Data are invited from Retired Colonel/Colonel(TS) with Med Cat SHAPE-1 for the post of Registrar & Head of Administration at ACDS.

For Qualitative Requirements and other information (Mandatory and Preferred), visit ACDS Website

Application with CV to be sent by Post or Email by 5 PM, 23 Mar 2021 to
Director AWES, HQ Southern Command, Ghorpadi Road, Near Council Hall,
Pune – 411001, Tele : 020-26363217, Email :
Salary – Consolidated pay of Rs 75,000/- per month with annual increment of 3%
Note – It is mandatory to reside in accommodation inside ACDS Campus


1. Qualification Requirement (QRs), Duties and function of Registrar and Head of Administration are as under:-

Qualitative Requirement

(a) Mandatory.

(i) Retired Army Officer Col/Col(TS)
(ii) Age between 54-60 years at the time of joining.
(iii) Commanding Officer/2IC of major unit.


AEC officer, served as Principal Sainik / Military School.

(iv) Should have experience of handling finances and legal issues.
(v) Should have no discipline case during entire service.
(vi) Medical Cat SHAPE – 1 only

(b) Preferred.

(a) Should be IT Savvy.

Notes :-
1. Waiver will be given by Chairman Executive Committee AWES, if an individual does not meet preferred QRs.

2. Appointment shall be for tenure of three years with first year probation.

(c) Terms and Conditions.

(i) The appointment will be on term basis.

(ii) Three years tenure with first year probation with clause for termination of service with 60 days notice or 60 days pay.

(iii) It is mandatory to reside at College Campus in accommodation allotted.

(iv) Salary Rs. 75,000/- per month.

Note: Applications / CV to be sent by Post or Email by 23 Mar 2021 to

HQ Southern Command
Ghorpadi Road,
Near Council Hall Pune – 411 001
Tele : 020-26363217
Email :

Duties and Function of Registrar and Head of Administration.

2. The training and administration of colleges/ institute are interdependent. The Registrar and Head of Administration will therefore maintain a close liaison with Director/ Principal (head of the Institution) and will function under him. He will be responsible for all logistic duties of the college/institute and shall assist the Director/ Principal in achieving the aims and objectives set for college/institute. He will be assisted in performance of his duties by the following:-

(a) Office Head Clerk.

(b) LDC dealing with estate matters.

(c) College Accountant.

(d) Estate Supervisor.

(e) Hostel Warden.

(f) Other Adm Staff.

3. Duties. Duties of Registrar and Head of Administration are as under:-

(a) Will ensure effective implementation of college/institute routine and to maintain high standard of discipline and efficiency among staff and students.

(b) Will ensure timely initiation of ACRs/Probation reports of all employees.

(c) Will be responsible for administration and management of College hostels and supervise the functioning of Hostel warden.

(d) Will guide his subordinate, supervise their daily work, ensure maintenance of office set up and related infrastructure.

(e) Will ensure proper maintenance of personal documents of all employees.

(f) Will arrange remittance in accordance with the rules to Provident Fund Commissioner, IT authorities, Telephone authorities, as applicable.

(g) Will ensure preparatory work and support connected with new admission.

(h) Will handle general correspondence of the College/Institute office.

(j) Will arrange Annual Stock Taking-cum-Condemnation/ destruction of obsolete documents Boards in respect of all stores/documents and related follow up action.

(k) Will ensure correct maintenance of leave records of both academic and administrative staff and check daily attendance register of staff.

(l) Will ensure proper maintenance of files, documents, ledgers, vouchers and other documents pertaining to logistic matters.

(m) Will make administrative arrangements for educational and recreational trips of students and staff.

(n) Will ensure prompt processing and payment of bills as per laid down procedures/ SOPs.

(o) Will maintain college/ institute accounts and advise Director/Principal (Head of Institution) on proper investment of College/ Institute funds in accordance with the decisions taken by the IMC and SOP approved by HQ Command.

(p) Will take care of security arrangements of the College/ Institute and campus during day and night, including “fire prevention & fire fighting arrangements”.

(q) Will ensure that satisfactory arrangements are made for supply of drinking water for the students, college/institute building its fixtures, furnitures, office equipment, lavatories, play grounds, College/ Institute garden etc are properly and carefully maintained.

(r) Will correspond with Railway/State Transport Authorities with regard to concession vouchers for students on classified vacation/ educational excursion.

(s) Will arrange for proper provisioning, procurement and accounting of college/ institute’s stores and equipment.

(t) Will ensure general upkeep, repairs/ maintenance of accommodation furniture, equipment and maintenance of vehicle.

(u) Will ensure proper hygiene and sanitation an conservancy arrangements in the college/institute campus.

(v) Will liaise with units and other local institutions for effective and efficient functioning.

(w) Will organise yearly medical and dental check up of students by appropriate hospital, liaison with SHO for organising anti-mosquito sprays.

(x) Will control/maintain college/institute transport and co-ordinate with transporter on matters connected with hired transport for college.

(y) Will supervise proper functioning of college/institute security guard and proper maintenance of registers at the main gate.

(z) Will carry out other administrative duties assigned to him specified by the Director/Principal (Head of Institution) or higher authorities.

(aa) Duties as regards the finances will be governed by Article 44 of the Financial Management Vol-II of the professional colleges.

(ab) Any other non academic duty assigned to him by the Director or the management.