Campus Life

ACDS has a beautiful, green and well maintained 35 acre campus which is like a second home to over 250 under and postgraduate students and 200 staff members. All basic facilities such as gymnasium, library cafeteria, sports fields, temple, auditorium, garden, are available to student at a walking distance from their living quarters.


The hostels are spacious and secure which is separate for boys and girls. The rooms are well ventilated and maintained regularly. Students are provided with meals in the mess within the hostels.

Separate rooms for recreation for students where they can play indoor games like carrom and chess, along with indoor Badminton court in both hostels.


As popularly said, “when in doubt, visit a library”. It is quite a pleasant experience for a student to explore a library which is well stocked. The ACDS library is full of standard textbooks which are pertinent to the course but also opens doors for lateral thinking. The library is regularly updated with Indian and foreign journal so that students can keep in touch with the new and upcoming research in the field of dentistry.


The Sushruta auditorium is an imposing and elegant building in the heart of the campus. It is frequently used by students and faculty to showcase their talents at various fests and cultural events hosted by the college. The auditorium has also witnessed a lot of eminent speakers in the dental field over the last years.


ACDS encourages its students to participate and excel in sports. Campus has a various facilities like volleyball, football, cricket, basketball, cricket, badminton where students can play to their heart’s content. A well equipped gym to encourage fitness amongst students is also present.


The college has a separate area dedicated for the students enthusiastic about gardening. The herbal garden at ACDS has a great variety of flowering plants, herbs and medicinal plants.


Festivals are regularly celebrated at ACDS with lot of zest and fervor. Students organize various functions throughout the year like Ganesh Puja, Janmashtami, Christmas, Onam, etc.